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  • doneDistribute any iOS and Android apps
  • doneManage groups and users to secure access and visibility.
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Your private store to deploy iOS and Android apps

Do not depend on Apple or Google anymore to deploy your apps.

dapploy is a private app store for teams, companies and organizations.

You will no longer have to manage how to distribute your app to your target audience.

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deployment image

Manage visibility and groups to control app privacy

Deploy mobile applications safely to users with a full privacy control.

Combine private, internal and public apps in the same store and manage access to them with our fine visibility system.

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App store listing

Users can access the application from a store that you customized.

According to OS, support is available to help install the mobile application.

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deployment image

Improve your workflow with continuous delivery

Use the API to connect dapploy to your built workflow and deploy your app on the go to your private store with no delay.

All features

Private store

Customize and deliver private apps with your store. Target any audience in your organization ? Applications can also be public, allowing you to deploy to anyone.

iOS and Android delivering

No matter the device, dapploy detects and delivers the last version of the app to target the right OS.

API access

Integrate dapploy where you need, thanks to its REST API.

User and group management

Assign users to groups and grant access only to them to control the privacy of your app.


Need visual ? Manage apps, users and groups through the integrated dapploy interface.

Private servers

We can set dapploy up to your own servers if you need a full control of the service and the privacy.

They trust us, give it a try !

dapploy is free, create your private app store today
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